Are Horse Salt Licks Needed?

Posted On: 07/22/2019 - Viewed: 19026
Himalayan horse salt licks are the perfect solution to provide your horse the essential nutrients it's body requires.

Simply put, no salt licks are not needed, but they are an excellent solution for optimal health.  On an average day, horses require one to two ounces of salt.  However, that amount is typically increased in warmer weather or during extensive exercise.  Therefore, horse salt licks become the perfect solution for the hot New England summer days. Here at Himalayan Salt Company, we have the solutions you need to keep your horse’s health at an ideal state. 


The Essentials

Although the body does not naturally create salt, it is needed for survival.  Salt is made from two elements; sodium and chloride.  Each of these minerals plays an essential role within the body.  For instance, sodium is vital for muscle contraction, nerve impulse function, and the digestion of proteins and other nutrients in the small intestine.  Whereas chloride is essential for the maintenance of blood pH.  It also enhances the transport of carbon dioxide from the tissues into the lungs.


The Benefits

Horse salt licks will provide your horse the amount of salt that their body requires.  Because a horse will only consume what it’s body needs, you can provide essential nutrients with ease.  However, it is crucial to keep a watchful eye on how your horse consumes the lick.  If you notice the animal is gnawing at the corners of the lick, it may not be obtaining the amount of salt it’s body requires.  If this is the case, loose salt is another solution to obtain the needed mineral.

Beyond ease, Himalayan salt is one of the purest forms of salt available. With no added chemical processing or other foreign elements, you can be sure you’re providing only the best to your horse.


Thus, even though horse salt licks are not a requirement, they are an excellent solution.  However, with so many options available to the consumer, how do you choose which salt lick is best?  Here at Himalayan Salt Company, we think that the answer is simple.  By shopping with us, you can ensure your horse receives only the purest form of salt available.  Our premium solution will provide the nutrients your horse requires.  For more information, visit us online or give our team of experts a call at 508.845.0033.

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