Gourmet Salts

Place a few commercial salt crystals on the center of your tongue. In few seconds you will begin to taste the salt. Soon the taste will become very intense because the salt is almost 100% sodium chloride…all of the other trace elements from the once natural salt have been chemically removed. As the salt taste fades, it is replaced by a second sharp and sometimes bitter taste. This aftertaste derives from the chemicals list used during processing. You will find them in the ingredient on the commercial salt package: additives including anti-caking agents, crystallizing agents, sugar (dextrose) and others.

Repeat this taste test with Himalayan Salt. The salt taste will not be as intense because all of the natural elements in the original salt are still there. You will notice that the salt taste fades more rapidly with no aftertaste because there are no chemicals added. It is truly pure, unadulterated salt, mined with none of civilization’s pollutants and processed without the use of chemicals. It’s the natural, healthy way to enhance food flavor.

Himalayan White and Pink salt
The Advantages of Salt Without the Disadvantages
Himalayan Pink and Pure White Salts come in 1.1 lb. pouches in three grind types:
  • Fine grind for cooking, grilling, roasting, seasoning and spice rubs
  • Coarse grind for salt mills and grinders, roasting, brines, salt cures and grilling
  • Extra coarse grind for large salt mills and grinders, Himalayan sole (so-lay) salt roasting, cooking, and presentation
Pure, unadulterated salt-clean, natural taste ideal for gourmet cooking.
The only difference between pure white and pink Himalayan Salt is that pink salt contains slightly more iron, giving its color. Both equally enhance the flavor of food without adding a strong salt taste.

Himalayan Black Salt
Himalayan Black Salt for Cooking
A low sodium salt substitute with a unique taste for flavoring a wide variety of foods, Himalayan Black Salt (Kala Namak or Sanchal in Hindi) is a special type of Indian volcanic rock salt with a distinctive sulfurous mineral taste like hard boiled egg yolks. This unique, unrefined mineral salt is used extensively in Indian cuisine as a condiment and added to chaats, chutneys, raitas and many other savory Indian snacks. Vegan use black salt in dishes that mimic the taste of eggs, such as making tofu taste like an egg salad.

Himalayan Black Salt for Health
In Ayurvedic medicine, black salt is considered a cooling agent, is used as a digestive aid and is sometimes used by people with high blood pressure. Naturally low in sodium- only 60-70% sodium compared to the 90% + sodium of regular table salt- Himalayan Black Salt offers an excellent salt substitute for people who need to restrict sodium intake yet seek the flavor enhancement of salt.
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