Grillin’ Chillin’ and Servin’ Himalayan Salt Planks
In the typical grilling process, much of the natural flavor and juices in foods are burned off and lost. Himalayan Salt Grillin’ Planks maintain the full natural flavors of foods cooked in the oven (broiler) and on the grill.

After preheating the plank to cooking temperature, seafood, beef or chicken can be cooked to perfection. After lightly brushing with butter or oil, they may also be used to fry eggs! A small amount of salt from the plank will seal the outside surface of the food, holding the flavor and juices inside. When ready, the plank with the prepared food can be transferred to a wooden plank holder for serving at the table. Salt planks can also be pre-heated and used as warm serving plates. The salt plank will remain hot for a long time and will keep food warm while serving. The planks impart an enhanced salt and mineral flavor to food. Some cooks even use the large salt planks as cutting boards!
Clean-up is easy. Simply wipe with a clean cloth. Don’t soak the plank or place it in a dishwasher. The plank is reusable many times. With each use, it will get a little thinner, forming a bowl shape where the salt has been dissolved.

Himalayan Salt Chillin’g Planks can be pre-chilled in the refrigerator/ freezer and used for preparation and serving foods like sushi or desserts.
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