Lamp Best Selling Shaped White

Himalayan Salt Lamps- Shaped White
For those who prefer recognizable, uniform shapes for home or office, Himalayan Salt Shaped Lamps come in several unique forms, each in one size and in multi or single color depending on the bulb you put in. And they all come with an attractive rosewood base, an UL approved cords SPT-2 with fixture and switch that can take up to 75W and a standard candelabra based bulb. (Replacement bulbs can be purchased anywhere in the US.)

 (Most of the salt lamps that are available on the internet come with SPT-1 electrical fixtures which are limited to 15W bulbs.  Use of a higher wattage bulb in the SPT-1 fixtures can create a fire hazard in your house or store.  The vendors of these inferior but inexpensive products do not tell you about this limitation or hazard.) 
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