The right diet from a Biophysical Perspective and Why Vegans have No Deficiencies

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THE RIGHT DIET FROM A BIOPHYSICAL PERSPECTIVE If you start your day with fresh fruit or wholemeal you will have an abundance of energy for your daily routine. Eat your vegetables either raw or slightly steamed instead of cooking them to death. In this way you will maintain the valuable structure, and with it, the energy content. Try to eat more alkaline foods because over acidity is the cause of many ills of the body. A balanced diet is composed of 75% alkaline and 25% acidic food. In general, alkaline foods include fruits, vegetables, greens and spelt. Acidic foods include grains (except spelt), meat, fish, eggs, milk products, animal fats, coffee, tea and alcohol.
Generally speaking, we should be careful with animal protein intake. It’s difficult for our digestive system to assimilate cow’s milk, because we lack the necessary enzymes. Therefore, our body is restricted in receiving and benefiting from the valuable calcium, vitamins and amino acid. And, as we discussed previously, the milk is being pasteurized and homogenized and its energy and information content has been destroyed.
A research study of 8,000 people who choose the vegan diet, which abstains from all animal protein, like milk, meat, fish, and egg, has shown that they had sufficient vitamin B12, although it is said that vitamin B12 can only be found in animal proteins and that the human body cannot produce it on its own. But maybe it can.
In nutrition, it’s not so much about the presence or absence of vitamin B12, but about the body’s ability, given the proper energy, to be able to put back the elements of which it consists into a specific geometrical and molecular structure. This molecular structure consists of what we call, in chemical terms, vitamin B12. A vitamin is nothing but a molecular grouping of different elements which can already found or are inherent in our body. It’s not the vitamin B12 which makes it so valuable to our body, but its ability to transmit information, according to its molecular geometry.
To live a healthy life you do not have to become a vegan. However, it is recommended that we pay more attention to what we eat and drink and be especially sensitive to the vitality of our food. Our body is more able to adapt to the ever-changing environmental influences if it has enough energy. To a certain extent, we are able to detoxify and discharge toxins and keep them from being deposited in our system, by virtue of the orderly structure of our blood.
With the proper energy balance we are even able to repair certain malfunctions in our body. But each single case must be looked upon from a cause-and-effect view point. According to the principle of energy, every alteration or change of matter can be transformed back to its original state by adding the missing energy with its information. It’s only a question of time and perseverance to re-establish this state of balance. Take some time to help your body regain its normal balance. Be conscious of the energy that your body needs to function optimally and try to eat more living foods as a part of your diet. In this way your body will gradually, once again, become balanced.
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